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Oxford Area Civic Association

The Oxford Area Civic Association (OACA) welcomes any size donation to aid in the assistance of agencies serving the human needs of our community. OACA has been granted tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501 (c)(3) and therefore all monetary donations are Tax Deductible.

“Forever Gifts”

For those wishing to leave an enduring legacy to their community they may do so by naming OACA as legacy recipient to in their will. This forever gift will be held at a local bank in an established Trust. The funds in the Trust are professionally managed and the income from the donated funds (dividends and interest) is allocated as determined by community needs. The principal, the sum named by you as your legacy, will remain intact in the Trust for perpetuity.

Testamentary gifts are tax deductible via the Pennsylvania and Federal estate taxes at the time the will is probated.

Should you decide you would like to leave a personal legacy to your community, we advise that you have your lawyer, or advisor, contact us via mail or telephone to discuss the gift in advance. The contact information is noted on the bottom of this page.

Ongoing Donations

Ongoing donations during an individual’s lifetime allow the contributor to see their money in action as the funds serve the need of the Greater Oxford community.

Such donations can be made in a lump sum or can be spread out over a year or more. For example, if for tax purposes you wish to donate $1000 per year for five years rather than $5000 at once that is acceptable and appreciated.

Single Donations

Single donations and contributions to special events sponsored by OACA can be made by mailing your donation to:

The Oxford Area Civic Association
Post Office Box 34
Oxford, PA 19363

You are also welcome to call us at 610-932-2619.

Donate to OACA
Donate to OACA
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